What to Watch on IZZY This Holiday Season

The holiday season may look a little bit different for all of us this year. But, that doesn’t mean that we have to leave behind the joyful spirit that comes along with it.

Let us bring Israel to you through Israeli movies, TV shows, and documentaries sure to light up the holiday season!

1. Christmas in the Holy Land

Travel to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth, and the rest of Israel in this four part mini-series about how Christmas is celebrated in the Holy land.

2. The Stand-Up Comedians

Get to know Israel’s leading female comedians, as they work on their gigs and provide moving and amusing interviews about the hardships of breaking into an industry ruled predominantly by men.

3. Where do you live?

In Israel, the Bukharan community struggles between an older generation that wants a traditional life, and the new generation which wants to build a new life in their new country. The series stars Rivka Michaeli, Israel’s leading comedic actress for more than five decades!

4. Marrying an Ice Cream Factory

Filmmaker Ranni Midyan’s father, Velvel was a poor orphan, who married Raya Strauss and began working in the family owned dairy factory which later became one of the biggest food conglomerates in Israel! Film reels, discovered after his death, arouse questions that led Ranni to embark on a personal journey between his parents’ very different worlds in an attempt to better understand his father and the complexities of family loyalty.

5. My Life in 60 Seconds

In this unique Israeli comedy, follow the life of a real-life famed comedian who has lost his job hosting a prime time TV show after 12 seasons. Unemployed and with 7 kids at home, he is extremely troubled. Through 60-second scenes, timed by a small clock in the corner, each episode describes the comical and dramatic twists that this new lifestyle takes him on.

6. A Movie With Catherine Deneuve

In this hilarious fictional comedy, a pair of aging men set out on a journey of adventure in search of the legendary movie star, Catherine Deneuve. This comedy is a parody of the classic Israeli male who, despite his advanced age, continues his juvenile quest after the fabulous woman of his dreams.

7. The Taste of Israel

What unites all Israelis with different ethnical backgrounds is their love for food, and there is almost no better way to get into the rich culture of the country than via its kitchen. Each episode takes you to another region of Israel allowing you to virtually sample the most authentic foods all over the country.

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