Sustainable Nation: 5 Things We Learned From This Award-Winning Film

Produced by OpenDor Media and the Jewish National Fund, Sustainable Nation is a new feature documentary that follows three innovators doing their part to bring sustainable Israeli water technology to an increasingly thirsty planet.

Here are five things we learned from this award-winning film:

1. Food and energy resources are all reliant on water! 

We can’t power our energy sources and we can’t grow our food without water. So what happens when our water starts running out?

2. Innovation Africa is an Israeli NGO bringing water to villages in Africa.

They go into villages and survey where the best water source is located. Then, they install a water tower with a solar-powered pump. They can help the villagers remotely, from Israel, to keep up the maintenance on the tower and assist with any issues.

3. Phytech is Israeli-developed software that uses artificial intelligence to help farmers manage water on their farms.

The software connects farmers’ computers, and even an app on their phones, to alert them when their crops need more or less water. Omer, the creator of this software, teamed up with Brian, an almond farmer in California, to test this software — and has helped him save 300,000 gallons of water per acre! 

4. Ayala uses plants to purify undrinkable water.

Eli Cohen created a system that cleans the sewage water without using energy — but instead using the powers of nature!

In 10 years, half the city of Bangalore will have to leave because there will be no drinkable water. Although they receive a lot of rain, the water immediately becomes contaminated when it falls into the rivers and streams that are already filled with sewage. Cohen hopes to implement his revolutionary system all over India. 

5. In 1990s, Israel was suffering from massive water shortage. Now, Israel is exporting water to its neighbors! 

Along with their unmatched progress in water saving technology, Israel educated the public on the importance of saving water. From a young age, Israeli children learned to turn off the faucets and take quicker showers. 

The technology, along with the public’s dedication to preserving water, allowed Israel to eradicate this issue.

 Click here to watch Sustainable Nation, exclusively on IZZY!

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