She Turned Health Problems Into a Israel-Based Mini Media Empire

Nathalie Gleitman, originally from Munich, turned a concoction of health problems into a mini media empire based in Tel Aviv.

During her studies at IDC Herzliya College, Nathalie began experiencing headaches, indigestion, dizziness, nausea, and what she eventually realized was a variety of food intolerances.

That’s when Nathalie started to take her diet more seriously.

“I started cooking, which I’d never done before. I always enjoyed the Tel Aviv lifestyle, which is eating out of course.”

In 2016, Nathalie quit her job at a PR agency and started a blog in German and English, featuring her histamine-, lactose- and gluten-free recipes.

One year later, a German publisher approached her about writing a recipe book, called

Happy Healthy Food.

Nathalie was planning to return to London, where she studied in a boarding school before moving to Tel Aviv, to pursue a master’s degree — but she decided to stay in Tel Aviv and keep running her blog.

“Every time I came to Tel Aviv for vacation, I was really sad to leave. I wanted to be in a place I know I’ll be happy.”

Now, Nathalie has a second book called Me Food: My Food, My Tel Aviv, which is a more personal look into her Tel Avivian life.

“What I love about Tel Aviv is, it’s very authentic. It’s not perfect. It has all the mix of cultures, of new and old, different people coming from all over the world, and everyone brings something to this city that makes it very special.”

Nathalie also hosted a German web series for Condé Nast’s Glamour, in which she portrays Tel Aviv as a health food hotspot.

“For me, the best food in the world is in Tel Aviv.”

Nathalie says her goal is to continue building the bridge between Germany and Tel Aviv.

“The first question still is, ‘Is it dangerous to come here?’ I want to show the real life here.”

For more about Nathalie Gleitman, connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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