Ranking Israeli Cities Based on Their Potential as Movie Backdrops

For such a small country, the scenery in Israel is incredibly diverse. It ranges from miles of desert, to beaches, mountains, craters, ancient ruins, and everything in between. It’s no wonder plenty of movies and TV shows are commonly shot here!

Here’s our ranking of Israeli cities as movie backgrounds.

1. Jerusalem

Just walking through the ancient roads and intricate walls of Jerusalem can make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. As one of the most historic cities in the world, Jerusalem serves as the perfect backdrop for any historical or periodic film and TV show.

Jerusalem-based titles on IZZY:

2. Tel Aviv

With kilometers of sandy, blue beaches, to a metropolitan city boasting one of exciting nightlife scenes in the world, Tel Aviv has everything you could possibly want to watch in the background of your favorite scene.

Tel Aviv-based titles on IZZY:

3. The Negev Desert

While not a city, the Negev Desert covers more than half of the total land area in Israel. With an endless amount of open desert and natural archaeological wonders such as the Dead Sea and Ramon Crater, the land here proves to be a fascinating background for any film!

Negev Desert-based titles on IZZY:

4. Eilat

This southern port of Israel right on the Red Sea, and neighboring Jordan, has beautiful views of ocean and mountain — together! The unique scenery, paired with some of the world’s most diverse marine life, makes this spot a perfect filming location for any adventure!

5. Galilee

Also a region, this scenic area of northern Israel is filled with mountains and green landscape. It’s most famous for the Sea of Galilee, the lowest freshwater lake on Earth, which holds biblical significance.

Galilee-based titles on IZZY:

6. Jaffa

This southern-most part of Tel Aviv is famous for its port and historic architecture. Like Jerusalem, Jaffa’s ancient ambiance makes a great background for any story.

Jaffa-based titles on IZZY:

7. Haifa

Israel’s third-largest city is home to the country’s biggest port. This metropolis sits high on the slopes of Mount Carmel, while also facing the Mediterranean Sea, giving it a variety of unique views!

8. Acre

This ancient city offers all of Israel’s unique aspects, in one place. It’s known for its charming port, medieval buildings, and costal views.

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