Meet the Filmmaker: Erez Laufer

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Erez Laufer, the director of Rafting to BombayOne Day After Peace, and The Darien Dilemma, all streaming now on IZZY – Stream Israel.

Erez is a documentary filmmaker and editor who was born and raised in Tel Aviv. He studied at Tel Aviv University’s Film and Television Department.

He is the founder of his own production company, Erez Laufer Films, and his films have won esteemed awards, such as the Best Documentary prize in the Haifa International Film Festival, and the Research prize at DocAviv in Tel Aviv.

Erez is also a film editor, and films he has edited have gone on to receive Oscar nominations.

He has done a significant amount of activism work for South Africa, as he is part of Steps for the Future, an international collaboration of filmmakers working on an HIV/AIDS film campaign project for South Africa, and Africa 10, a team working on a series of films for the 10-year anniversary of South African Independence.

His film Rafting to Bombay recounts his own family’s experience as Jewish refugees who escaped to Mumbai during World War II.

He directed One Day After Peace with his sister, Miri Laufer. This film explores how efforts to resolve conflict in South Africa can be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

If you enjoy Erez’s work, feel free to connect with him directly via Facebook!

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