Meet the Filmmaker: Karin Kainer

Karin Kainer is the director of Kosher Beach, which was featured in several film festivals around the world, from New York to Krakow. 

Karin holds a Master’s degree from the Tel Aviv University, and is also a Documentary Film Lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

She was inspired to become a filmmaker by her father, who “has an obsession with documenting our family — but always through a rose-colored lens, as we would like the world to be. I found this moving, but at the same time it upset me because the world needs to hear the truth.”

“So I started with my father’s videocamera, asking tough questions that no one wants to answer,” she said in an interview with the website, Women and Hollywood.

Karin says she was drawn to the story of Kosher Beach because Tel Aviv’s seaside “contains all the paradoxes of Israel, and the world today, in a nutshell.”

“Religion exists beside the secular on the beach, where all of us are actually ‘naked’ and without our daily masks. The minute I stood on top of the hill breathing the air of the sea, and saw all these brave women going down to their private sanctuary, I felt like one of them, and realized that actually they are like me: looking for a place to breathe and feel free.”

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