IZZY to Produce TV Series With Renowned Italian Photographer​

Tel Aviv sunset

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We are excited to announce the TV series “Israel in Focus, With Mario Troiani,” an Italian-born international photographer now based in Tel Aviv.

In 2011, Mario and his wife began sharing their time between Milan and Israel. They moved to Israel permanently two years later, and Mario became an Israeli citizen in 2014.

“Initially I was looking for a place to spend part of the year,” Mario says. “Then I fell in love with the city of Tel Aviv and, above all, with the light of Israel and the beautiful and young energy that we breathe here.”

Mario started photographing when he around the age of 13. One day he found in a virtually unused camera in a closet that his father had given to his mother for their engagement.

“I started my first photographic experiments by equipping the bathroom as a dark room to develop black and white photos,” he says. “The magic of seeing an image appear in the dark room that slowly took a definite shape.”

Dead Sea Israel
photograph by Mario Troiani

In the 1980s, Mario worked in several photography studios for still life and fashion. But after a few years, he realized his real passion was to photograph for the sake of conveying his emotions and telling stories.

So Mario dedicated himself to travel reportage photography, selling my services to travel magazines and books, across China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

“Times were more dilated and you could only see the result of your work on your return after several months of travel,” he says.

At the end of the 1990s, Mario spent time on various cinematography projects, including restoration and digitalization projects for Italian classics. He has, more recently, exhibited his photography in Israel, Europe, and the USA.

Mario Troiani
photograph by Mario Troiani

IZZY: Where is your favorite place to photograph in Israel?
Mario: I love walking around Tel Aviv every day and looking for the best light at the moment, which represents my mood. I often look forward to trying to build a photographic composition as a daily scene. Jerusalem is one of the most photographed places where I always look for new angles.

IZZY: Why is Israel one of the best destinations for photography?
Mario: All of Israel is beautiful and varied to photograph. You can switch from northern green to desert yellow in one day. From a modern city like Tel Aviv to a mystical and ancient place like Jerusalem. The Dead Sea is a unique place and from sunrise to sunset the colors of the water, the salt, and the desert mountains around create enchanting scenes. I think the best spot for photographers is the ever-changing light. I have fallen in love with this light.

IZZY: Which of your photographs are you most proud of?
Mario: As a photographer, I think the best photo is the one taken tomorrow. I think some of my photos I’m proud of are those taken in the winter on Tel Aviv beach. The mix of lights and colors during storms are spectacular. I come home always very wet, but very satisfied with the result. Jerusalem is one of the most photographed places where I always look for new angles.

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