IZZY Teams Up With Jewish Creativity International

Jewish art

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We are excited to announce that IZZY has teamed up with New York-based Jewish Creativity International to be its fiscal sponsor of all tax-deductible donations.

“We very specifically chose a for-profit structure for IZZY,” says co-founder Josh Hoffman, “because we believe it provides for optimal innovation and accountability, which is exactly what will enable us to maximize our mission to put the magic of Israel on display across the world.”

“With that said, we understand many people would like to make tax-deductible donations to IZZY’s mission and productions, which is why we decided to team up with Bob and the JCI team.”

Jewish Creativity International’s mission is to advance contemporary Jewish culture through the fiscal sponsorship of independent projects in Jewish arts, culture, and media.

Led by President and CEO, Bob Goldfarb, the organization serves as the fiscal sponsor for several other Israel-based people and organizations, including:

    • Kol HaOt
    • The artist Avner Moriah
    • Center Stage
    • Dirshuni: Israeli Women Writing Midrash
    • The Israeli composer Floating Tower

IZZY is currently invite-only.

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