It’s Official: IZZY Launches to ‘Stream Israel’ Around the World

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IZZY is partnering with Go2Films and Israeli filmmakers to launch a worldwide, Netflix-like streaming platform available at

Starting Thursday, May 21, 2020, more than 50 hours of Israel-related movies, TV shows, and documentaries will be available on-demand and commercial-free, for $9.99 USD per month including a three-day free trial, with 10 hours of additional content uploaded every week thereafter.

“We believe premium long-form content provides greater context to Israel’s complex narratives, giving people a more realistic and sophisticated look into the real day-to-day Israel,” says IZZY Co-Founder and Head of Content, Jessica Cohen, who made “Aliyah” from Argentina and works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

IZZY is currently available worldwide, through the web, on any Internet-connected device, and will soon be accompanied by applications on smart devices, such as Apple, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Content is in spoken English, or subtitled in English. Future subtitled languages will include Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Arabic.

“Go2Films has been promoting high-quality Israeli films by leading filmmakers and young talents for years, and we are excited to promote a new player in the Israeli value world,” says Hedva Goldschmidt, the Founder of Go2Films. “We believe in IZZY’s vision and energy, to become a producer and supplier of remarkable content that brings more of Israel’s multicultural mosaic to the world.”

The launch is part of IZZY’s greater vision to put the magic of Israel on display through long-form entertainment and storytelling. The first phase, beginning May 21, includes licensed content that has already been produced. And the second phase, scheduled for Fall 2020, will feature new movies, TV shows, and documentaries commissioned by and exclusively available on IZZY.

“Israel-related content is performing extraordinarily well on the global stage right now, and there is so much remarkable on-camera and behind-the-camera talent in Israel,” says IZZY Co-Founder Josh Hoffman, who made “Aliyah” from Los Angeles in 2013 as well, and serves as the Head of Marketing.

Original productions will range from fiction and non-fiction films and series, such as a biopic about Moshe Dayan, a mockumentary series based on a Hebrew ulpan for newcomers in Israel, and a documentary about how Tel Aviv became the dog capital of the world.

The productions will be financed by IZZY and executed by its network of local production companies and filmmakers.

Fore more about IZZY, please visit:

About IZZY:

IZZY is a streaming platform featuring movies, TV shows, and documentaries that give audiences around the world a front-row seat to Israel, anytime and anywhere. Click here to view IZZY’s media kit.

About Go2Films:

Go2Films, a Jerusalem-based worldwide sales and VOD company led by Hedva Goldschmidt, provides high-quality content from leading Israeli award-winning titles.

IZZY is currently invite-only.

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