IZZY and The Israel Innovation Fund to Produce Series About Israeli Wine Culture

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We are excited to announce the documentary series “From The Grapevine” about Israel’s wine culture, which will be produced by The Israel Innovation Fund.

TIIF, founded by Adam Scott Bellos, is a non-profit built to share Israeli culture with the world, with a focus on Israeli wine, art, films, and events.

“My vision for TIIF is that it will become the primary mechanism to share Israeli culture and the essence of what Israel is with the world,” Adam says. “The goal for everything TIIF does is to engender a desire and need for the wider Jewish community and people around the world to connect with Israel and its culture.”

Wine on the Vine is TIIF’s flagship program, promoting and supporting the growth of Israel’s wine industry. For $18, Wine on the Vine allows people around the world to plant grapevines at wineries across Israel. A portion of the proceeds are donated to top Israeli charities.

“Many people don’t know that wine has been made in Israel for thousands of years, and that more than 330 wineries exist in Israel today,” Adam says.

“They also don’t realize that Israel produces some of the best wine in the world, and that the industry is maturing and growing here. The best is yet to come when it comes to the quality and growth of Israeli wine.”

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