IZZY and Shanna Fuld to Collaborate on News Programming

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We are excited to announce a future collaboration with Shanna Fuld when IZZY launches in Fall 2020.

Shanna is a TV journalist and events host who grew up in Queens, New York, and moved to Israel in September 2018. 

“I moved to Israel because it was killing me that I hadn’t achieved that dream yet,” Shanna says. “Israel was one of my first loves. I visited at age 6 and returned countless summers with my family.”

After earning a Broadcast Journalism degree from State University of New York College at Oswego, Shanna worked as a TV news writer for a live evening show hosted at NY1.

But once she read Jen Sincero’s book, You’re a Badass, “I felt I couldn’t put off my vision of living in Israel any longer. I searched for jobs every day, got some bites and quit.”

Journalism entered Shanna’s world as early as kindergarten, when she made a cut-out picture of herself that said, “Shanna Fuld, Author.” Fast-forward to a summer trip to Israel before her first semester of college, when Shanna spotted Wolf Blitzer at the Hilton pool in Tel Aviv.

“I ran up to him in my bikini and asked him for advice,” she recounts. “He told me to join my school newspaper. I did that on day one at SUNY Oswego, which I chose for its stellar media program. I have been working between newspapers and TV ever since.”

In Israel, specifically, Shanna has landed gigs at both the Jerusalem Post and ILTV.

“One thing I didn’t know about the Israeli media world is how much fun it is,” she says. “In New York, working in media can be nasty, cutthroat, and miserable.”

“I’ve found that people here are having a better time, there’s more work-life balance, and sources I speak to are more giving and open to interviews. I always enjoy working in the field here.”

To learn more about Shanna Fuld, visit her website.

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