IZZY Adds 10 of Israel’s Top Production Companies to Its Network​

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We are excited to announce 10 of several production companies from which we will commission original content.

Each of these production companies has demonstrated best-in-class production capabilities, making them assets to IZZY, which is scheduled to launch in Fall 2020.

Firma Creative Production

Firma was founded in 2008 by Adar Shafran and Roni Abramowsky, who specialize in international video creative and productions. Among several of their productions, you can watch the movie “Maktub” on Netflix.

The Hive Studio

Founded by Amit Gicelter, The Hive Studio is an award-winning production studio, producing a wide range of premium content for TV and film, including their specialty, animation. The studio also produce its own original content.


Moviet has been around for 15 years and is headed by Rotem Gruzovic, who also serves as its creative director. He founded the company after years of journalistic work on leading TV shows, documentary films, and magazine articles.

Tech Talk Media

Led by Britain native Jonny Caplan, Tech Talk Media focuses on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging tech-driven trends such as cannabis, artificial intelligence, and robotics.


Glitch is a full-service creative agency that offers engaging content, best-in-class productions, and data-driven social strategy. Among other inventive campaigns, they were involved with the production, Eva Stories, which tells the story of a young girl experiencing the Holocaust through Instagram.

LACO Films

Based in Tel Aviv and in Kiev, LACO Films is a production house that specializes in films and TV content for global audiences.

Micha’s Films

Micha’s Films was founded in 2009 by Judith Manassen-Ramon as an independent production company, focused on both linear and non-linear documentary storytelling.

Laila Films

Laila Films was established as boutique production company for high-quality independent cinema intended for emerging Israeli and international filmmakers.


Led by Adam Rubin, Kaveret is a creative and film production company based in Israel and New York.

OpenDor Media

Since 2009, OpenDor Media (formerly Jerusalem U) has been the leading creator of Jewish film content. They bring Jewish ideas, values, and stories to life through quality filmmaking.

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