IZZY Adds Award-Winning Moran Moradi to Roster of Filmmakers

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We are excited to announce that Moran Moradi, one of Israel’s youngest filmmakers emerging onto the scene, will produce original content for IZZY — in time for our Fall 2020 launch.

Moran started filmmaking when he was 13 years old and won second place at the Jerusalem Film Festival during his high school years.

“The best lesson I learned from it,” Moran says, “is that impossible will never exist for me.”

We caught up with Moran to discuss filmmaking, winning awards, and his favorite films.

IZZY: How would you describe the current state of filmmaking in Israel?
Moran: I think first that Israel is still young enough for the super high-quality film and TV shows market. There are many talented people here, but the problem is there aren’t enough people who can appreciate the talented ones.

We are still not there, and Israel is dealing with more important issues right now. But I’m sure all the issues will get converted to content, and that will be the best for the State of Israel.

IZZY: You’ve won some awards. Can you tell us about them?
Moran: After my three-year army service, I went off for three months around Asia. I started with India, Sri Lanka, and then Vietnam. I took my camera and lenses with me and traveled alone the whole three months.

I released two short films: one about my story in India, and the second about my story in Sri Lanka. Both of them won some film festivals and kind of turned around the world.

Now I’m working on the third chapter about my story of loneliness in Vietnam. It will be mixed with some animation as well!

IZZY: Which of your films are you most proud of?
Moran: There are three films I’m most proud of, films i thought wouldn’t be possible to make, but I surprised myself.

Transitions was the first proof. The second film is Alone, Wounded, a film I did during my army service. It was the first time handling a big production that everything was done by me.

And the third film I’m super excited about and proud of is Chapter 1 – A Lesson From India. This film taught me I need to keep expressing myself, and that my style and attitude in film is actually touching people.

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