Go Inside Some of the Best Israeli Restaurants Around the World

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There’s something special about Israeli food — and even it’s more amazing when you find it abroad!

Here are some of the best international restaurants owned by Israelis. Away we go!

1. Happiness Beach Bar – El Nido, Philippines

courtesy: Trip-advisor

Happiness Beach Bar serves healthy homemade food with the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. All food is locally harvested and sourced, and even has its own hostel where tourists can emerge themselves in the incredible Filipino beaches. 

2. Miznon – New York City

courtesy: Miznon NYC

Local Tel Avivians are already familiar with the famous Miznon. However, New Yorkers can now get a taste of the local food with its very own stall in Chelsea Market. Run by Israeli chef Eyal Shani, it serves a variety of delicacies all wrapped in their amazingly fluffy pitas. 

3. Mazel Tov – Budapest

courtesy: Trip-advisor

Next up takes us all the way to Budapest, straight to the heart of the Old Jewish Quarter. The restaurant has an amazing mix of dishes like tabbouleh, matbukha, and of course, falafel in pita! 

4. The Palomar – London

courtesy: The Palomar | Facebook

Around five years ago, Israeli chef Assaf Granit opened up The Paloma, and the British tabloid immediately went crazy for it! The Evening Standard called it “a bit radical and youthful, with a noisy, informal atmosphere” — the usual Israeli place if you ask us! 

5. Shaq Shuq – Barcelona

courtesy: Trip-advisor

Hebrew speakers might be familiar with this place’s title and its fun play on words. Shaq Shuq not only serves shakshuka, but also offers its guests a variety of schnitzels, burgers, and other kosher gems from Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

6. Or2K – Kathmandu, Nepal

courtesy: Trip-advisor

Off to Nepal now, where we will meet Ad Levinger. This Israeli landed in Nepal via the USA and immediately fell in love with the culture and its people. Soon after arriving, he opened Or2K — and now serves hummus, tahini, falafel, and bourekas.

7. Benedict – Berlin

courtesy: Trip-advisor

Who hasn’t taken advantage of Benedict’s 24-hour breakfast menu? The restaurant chain, famous for “glamorizing” breakfast in Israel, has arrived in Europe — and easily welcomes the city’s partygoers in the early morning after a night out. 

8. Gostijo – Athens

According to TripAdvisor, Gostijo is one of the most popular restaurants in the whole city. It promises “the best Israeli food outside of Israel” with its Sephardic menu. The Glatt Kosher experience is truly one of the best in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Psiri.

9. Alenbi – New York

courtesy: Alenbi Kitchen

We’re back in New York to check out one of the finest restaurants in the city. Located in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, the kosher restaurant offers plenty of beef tongue, ceviche, souvlaki, and tahini. Make sure to turn up hungry.

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