Tune In: 24 Podcasts That Will Give You a Glimpse Into Israel

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Discover Israel through the voices of various personalities, pundits, scholars, and more!

1. Haaretz Weekly

An audio guide to Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World, hosted by Simon Spungin.

Listen to the podcast >>

2. The Jerusalem Post 

From business and culture to politics, this podcast, hosted by multiple voice personalities, features the best of Israeli and Jewish news. 

Listen to the podcast >>

3. Two Nice Jewish Boys 

Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein give you a unique insight into Israel and the interesting people who live there.

Listen to the podcast >> 

4. Israel Story 

This award-winning podcast tells true and incredible stories of ordinary Israeli’s. Israel Story is hosted by Mishy Harman and produced in partnership with Tablet Magazine. 

Listen to the podcast >> 

5. Israeli Vibe

A weekly update on everything going on in Israel from music, food and culture to technology. The host, Rosie Perper, speaks to bloggers, musicians, and innovators. 

Listen to the podcast >> 

6. The Promised Podcast 

A journalist, a professor, and an NGO guy all come together to discuss the different ways in which Israel equally frustrates and fascinates them.

Listen to the podcast >>


7. People of the Pod

A partnership between the AJC and the Times of Israel, this show analyzes what is going on in the world through a Jewish lens. 

Listen to the podcast >>

8. The +972 Podcast

The +972 Podcast seeks to go farther than the headlines in the news to discuss current events with journalists, activists, experts, and politicians.

Listen to the podcast >>

9. The Friends of Israel Today

Made up of multiple segments, this podcast features Bible teachings, interviews, and dramatic readings of Zvi Kalisher’s articles titled “Apples of Gold.”

Listen to the podcast >>

10. Startup Camel

Adir Freilich speaks with the founders of some of the most innovative companies in Israel. Guests discuss their successes and failures, and give listeners new insight into the Startup Nation. 

Listen to the podcast >>

11. IsraelCast

Powered by the Jewish National Fund, IsraelCast shares the stories of various people in Israel doing fascinating work. 

Listen to the podcast >> 

12. The Tikvah Podcast

The Tikvah Fund’s podcast features different Jewish innovators and fosters vibrant discussion on important topics. 

Listen to the podcast >>


13. Pod for Israel

One For Israel’s podcast collects powerful teachings, inspiring testimonies, and insights into the scriptures and the context of the Land and People of Israel.

Listen to the podcast >>

14. Tel Aviv Review

Hosts Gilad Alpern and Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin bring you in-depth, long-form interviews with scholars, writers, and thinkers about their work and ideas that make up the debate in and about Israel.

Listen to the podcast >>

15. Streetwise Hebrew

Guy Sharett hosts this “bite-size” podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang, as well as what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

Listen to the podcast >>

16. At Home in Jerusalem

Hosted by Heather Dean, this short-form podcast offers insights from some of the Jewish world’s foremost teachers and scholars today.

Listen to the podcast >>

17. Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak takes you through Israel’s literary countryside, cityscapes, and psychological terrain, and the lives of the people who create it.

Listen to the podcast >>

18. The Israel Connexion

In collaboration with experts from all walks of life, who specialize in various aspects of Israel’s political life, arts, and culture, David Schulberg conducts in-depth interviews delving into issues affecting Israel and on topics to do with Israelis and their involvements around the world.

Listen to the podcast >>


19. Holy Land Moments

Holy Land Moments is a two-minute daily show by Yael Eckstein, the President and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Listen to the podcast >>

20. Israel Policy Pod

This podcast from the Israel Policy Forum team and featured guests help you unpack developments from Israel and the region.

Listen to the podcast >>

21. Our Friend From Israel

Meet newsmakers and intriguing Israelis in this interview-style podcast, brought to you by From The Grapevine.

Listen to the podcast >>

22. From the Midwest to the Middle East

Philip Stein’s love of radio led him to start this podcast, in which he interviews a variety of fascinating Israelis.

Listen to the podcast >>

23. The ANATomy of Israel

Anat Hoffman, head of the Israel Religious Action Center, hosts this podcast: an introduction to the country’s past and the present, its national and political DNA, modern Israeli culture, and everyday Israel.

Listen to the podcast >>

24. WhyWhyWhy!

Hosted by Susan Warchaizer, Miriam Herschlag, and Noah Efron, this is a podcast about people sharing true stories about adventures and misadventures in Israel.

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