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The untold story of Israel's secret weapon, and the world's most miraculous missile defense system

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Developed to protect Israel against constant rocket fire, the “Iron Dome” missile defense system is a story about confrontation with indiscriminate terrorism.

Follow the development of this breakthrough, lifesaving technological wonder — across a journey from vanity, denial, tragedy, and panic, to sacrifice, genius, and euphoria.

This 3-episode documentary series follows the Israeli race toward a solution for the ballistic rockets fired daily on the city of Sderot and other parts of southern Israel, beginning in 2004.

Culminating in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict known as Operation Protective Edge, the now world-renowned “Iron Dome” has intercepted thousands of Hamas’ rockets, and defends Israel’s civilian citizens almost hermetically.

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Inside the Episodes

a 3-part documentary series

episode 1

Death From Above

In 2004, a 4-year-old was killed in Sderot by rocket fire from the neighboring Gaza Strip. The child's death prompted Israel's Ministry of Defense to examine how to further protect southern communities from indiscriminate rocket attacks.

episode 2

The Heavens Can Wait

In 2007, the fundamentalist militant group Hamas comes to power in Gaza, and rocket fire increases throughout Israel's southern cities. Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz, a resident of Sderot, is torn between an American laser system and an invention beyond anyone's imagination — Iron Dome.

episode 3

The Sheltering Sky

Israel begins developing Iron Dome in an insanely short period of time (only 3 years). In 2011, Captain Maor Gabriel uses the system to intercept the first rocket over Ashkelon, and history seems to be changing.



Ehud Barak

Ehud Barak is an Israeli general and politician who served as the tenth Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001. After winning back leadership of the Labor party, Barak was sworn in as Minister of Defense in 2007.

Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz is the Alternate Prime Minister of Israel and Minister of Defense. He served as the 20th Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces from 2011 to 2015.

Danny Gold

Danny Gold served as Head of Research and Development at the Israel Ministry of Defense, and was awarded the Israel Defense Prize in 2012 for inventing and spearheading the “Iron Dome” missile defense system.

Amir Peretz

Once the mayor of Sderot, Amir Peretz’s tenure as Israel’s Defense Minister included approval of the “Iron Dome” missile defense system in 2007.

Kobi Oz

Kobi Oz, who was born in Sderot in 1969, narrates the documentary series, and is the lead singer of the hit Israeli band, Teapacks.

Meet the Filmmakers

Nati Dinnar

Creator & producer

Nati Dinnar was one of Keshet’s founding team members back in 1993, and helped turn it into a commercial television powerhouse. Dinnar then led a successful 20-year career across the Israeli commercial television landscape — spanning roles within sales, marketing, programming, and scheduling.

In 2012, Dinnar started his own company, Dinnar Productions, to create and produce successful, award-winning films and documentaries, including “Sabena Hijacking,” “Rescue Bus 300,” and “The Longest Night.”

Uri Bar-On

Director & Screenwriter

Uri Bar-On is an Israeli filmmaker whose first feature film “10% My Child” won Best Indie Film and was nominated for the Best Film at Israel’s 2015 Academy Awards.

His documentary film “72 Virgins” was screened at the prestigious Sundance and Tribeca festivals, and his short feature film “Another Love Song” won Best Film at the Marbella International Film Festival.

Uri also teaches film, television, and web series courses at Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), and at Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv.

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the unbelievable story of

iron dome

premiering worldwide September 3, 2020

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