Girl Power: Meet Israel’s Hysterical Female Comedians

We all know female comedians such as Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and Sarah Silverman, but what about their Israeli counterparts?

The Stand-Up Comedians is a documentary on IZZY featuring five of Israel’s top female comedians, as they work on their gigs and provide moving, amusing interviews about the hardships of breaking into an industry ruled predominantly by men.

Get an inside look at the lives and careers of the trailblazing women featured in this series!

1. Rivka Michaeli

The legendary 82-year-old star is undoubtedly Israel’s most well-known female comedian (think the Betty White of Israel). In the documentary, she discusses her experience of aging as a woman in the ever-changing industry of comedy.

“Once I got married and had kids when I was 26, I kept apologizing for performing. For the house not being tidy, for being busy, I lived one constant apology.”

You can watch Rivka’s starring role in the hysterical hit comedy series Where do you live? on IZZY.

2. Orna Banai

While she started her career as an actress, Orna Banai is now best-known for being an openly gay woman in comedy. She only came out of the closet at age 40, and now discusses her sexuality, the obstacles it’s caused her, and how she uses it in her stand-up comedy routines.

“When the audience laughs, whether it’s on TV or on stage, it’s a form of therapy to me.”

3. Lital Schwartz

Lital Schwartz is a stand-up comic known for talking about taboo subjects. In her stand-up routines, she speaks bluntly about the struggles of raising children and being a single woman at an older age.

“In stand-up you take everyone’s weaknesses that everyone can relate to and throw it in their faces.”

4. Hadar Levi

Actress, comedian, and TV presenter Hadar Levi talks about how she uses stand-up comedy to challenge gender stereotypes in an empowering way.

“I use this art to say something because sometimes it’s the only way I can say it.”

5. Tom Yaar

Tom Yaar is young female comedian pushing boundaries by talking about feminism, politics, and body image. She’s made a name for herself as one of the most promising, up-and-coming women in comedy, and even received recognition in the United States; VICE published a story about her in 2015.

“I don’t want to be the woman who is the best at comedy. I just want to be the best.”

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