Get to Know the Famous Israeli Chef and Musician Behind the Hit Series ‘The Amazing Journey’

Two of Israel’s most interesting A-list celebrities, Gidi Gov and Yisrael Aharoni, star in The Amazing Journey, a documentary-reality TV series streaming on IZZY, in which the duo travels around the world to explore and study various cultures through the reflection of local food.

They’ve proved to be quite the interesting pair, now hosting the show successfully for nearly 10 years. Get to know more about these classic Israeli icons here!

Israeli rockstar Gidi Gov is a 70-year-old musician who has played an important part in shaping the Israeli music scene. His career started in the military, when he joined the IDF’s singing troupe.

Gov gained fame as a member of one of the most legendary Israeli bands of the 1970’s: “Kaveret.” The group enjoyed large success and was even named “Band of the Year” four times in a row by “Kol Yisrael,” the annual Hebrew song chart. Many consider this band to be the Israeli equivalent of The Beatles.

Gov is also an actor, and starred in many Israeli TV shows, even co-hosting the successful Israeli entertainment show “Zehu Ze!”

Gov hosted his own talk show, “Laila Gov,” on the most prominent Israeli TV channel. The year after the program was created, the TV broadcasters wanted to cancel the program. This didn’t happen, though, after several thousand fans protested the decision. The program aired from the years 1993 to 1998. Four years later, he starred in “Laila Gov 2,” airing from 2002 to 2003.

Gov was also one of the judges on the tenth season of the Israeli version of “American Idol.”

Yisrael Aharoni is considered to be Israel’s first celebrity chef. Aside from being an international chef, he’s a cookbook author, TV show host, and food journalist.

He brought Chinese food to Israel when he opened his first restaurant, Yin-Yang, in Tel Aviv.

He spent more ethan 20 years writing in a weekly food column for the biggest newspaper in Israel. And he’s also the author of more than 30 cookbooks!

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During one of his jobs, when asked to create a dish for a dance bar menu, Aharoni discovered his new passion: DJing. Since then, he’s been DJing in Tel Aviv nightclubs.

Together, Gidi and Aharoni travel around the world, exploring and studying cultures, their history, religion, ceremonies, and geography, through their local food in the TV show The Amazing Journey of Gidi and Aharoni.

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