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Israeli entertainment is proving to achieve impressive financial outcomes on a global stage, while fueling our mission to enhance the world's relationship with Israel.

Why Israeli entertainment?


Israeli entertainment continues to perform extraordinarily well on the world stage (e.g. The Women's Balcony, Fauda, Shtisel, When Heroes Fly, Tehran, Valley of Tears, To Die in Jerusalem).


We built a direct-to-consumer TV streaming platform for worldwide audiences — currently the first and only of its kind — to give more Israeli filmmakers and entertainers the opportunity to perform on the world stage.


Entertainment changes how we feel, gives us common ground, and creates more laughter, joy, and empathy — which will do wonders for Israel's global brand image, as well as BDS, anti-Semitism, tourism, and international investment.

Introducing IZZY

In August 2020, we officially launched IZZY – Stream Israel™, a TV streaming platform exclusively featuring Israeli movies, shows, and documentaries for global audiences, now $5.99/month USD.

We currently offer English subtitles and plan to add more languages in 2021, as we become the go-to destination for Israeli entertainment around the world.

Off and Running

Here’s what we’ve accomplished since officially launching in August 2020.

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We Feature Israel's Best

Rotem Shamir

"Rescue Bus 300"

Shira Haas

"Lost & Found"

Aviv Alush


Hilla Medalia

"To Die in Jerusalem"

Moshe Zonder

"Sabena Hijacking"

Amos Tamam

"Beneath the Silence"

Joshua Faudem

"Blues by the Beach"

Karin Kainer

"Kosher Beach"

Amir Mann

"Street Justice"

How the Fund Works


100% of your investment goes into producing original Israeli movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

Shares 2x

You receive shares in both the IZZY Entertainment Fund and in the IZZY streaming platform.


We co-produce new movies, TV shows, and documentaries with Israeli TV broadcasters and media outlets, therefore cutting the cost in half.


The IEF owns global distribution rights, including the opportunity to publish D2C on IZZY and sell to other channels/platforms.

You've got questions.

(We’ve got answers.)

100% of funds go into production. We do not take an up-front management fee. All other costs (e.g. marketing, workforce, admin) are covered by IZZY’s subscription revenues.

We plan to start co-productions in early 2021, with the goal of publishing some of this programming later in 2021, and the majority of it in 2022.

We co-fund with Israel’s leading TV broadcasters and government-sanctioned film funds, both of which have detailed processes for how they accept, vet, and green-light productions.

The fund is a for-profit venture which provides promising opportunities for those eager to invest in Israeli entertainment. We chose a for-profit structure because we believe it creates maximum accountability, sustainability, and impact.

At the same time, we are able to process tax-deductible donations via Jewish Creativity International, which acts as our fiscal sponsor in such cases, although donations are not eligible to receive any ROI.

We have the ability to produce programming in a variety of languages outside of Israel’s official language (Hebrew) such as: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian. Easy-to-read subtitles are provided in multiple languages as well.

We have the ability to distribute unlimited productions through IZZY, a TV streaming platform which we completely own and operate. IZZY is available worldwide outside of Israel for a small monthly or yearly subscription, through internet-connected devices, such as smart TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones. IZZY also has applications on the following platforms:

  • Apple TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Google Play (Android)
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire
  • Samsung Tizon

We also have the ability sell the content to other platforms and channels around the world, both “as is” and the formats.

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A Note From Our Founder

The future of Israeli entertainment has never been more exciting!

Josh Hoffman
Founder, IZZY

In 2013, at the age of 23, I participated in a 10-day trip to Israel, my first time in the country, without any previous knowledge of or exposure to it. Eight years later, I’m still here, living in Tel Aviv, having become an Israeli citizen, and founding a company whose mission is to enhance the world’s relationship with Israel.

Since then, I’ve become fascinated by Israeli culture, society, and history. Israel is not just the Holy Land or Start-Up Nation. It is Imagination Nation, a place where anyone with any dream can realize it by harnessing the intoxicating Israeli spirit.

It’s no surprise that Israeli entertainment is exploding onto the world stage and quickly becoming its own genre, similar to Bollywood and telenovelas. The opportunities and financial outcomes that come with capitalizing on this trend are exciting, no less the lasting impact it will have on how people across the world think and feel about Israel.

Behind the Curtain

We’re an independent team of creatives with a common passion for entertainment and storytelling, through the lens of Israel.

Caroline Zasuly

Israel Relations

Nati Dinnar


Danielle Tawfik

Digital Media

Josh Hoffman


Adi Tellem

Customer Experience

Leonel Gluk

Multimedia Designer

Zeev Prokopets


Tali Feldman

Content Acquisition

Israel Frenkel

Legal & Accounting

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