Award-Winning Filmmaker Shachaf Dekel to Produce Culture Series With IZZY

Shachaf Dekel

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We are excited to announce a collaboration with Shachaf Dekel, an award-winning filmmaker and artist, for a TV series about Israel’s culture scene.

Featuring a variety of faces and places from Israel’s design, dance, film, theater, illustration, and interactive art fields, the series will be available on IZZY in time for our launch in Fall 2020.

“I think people abroad don’t know about the independent art scene in Israel — the art outside the museums, main galleries and theaters,” Shachaf says. “There are so many independent exciting initiatives here, mostly not funded.”

“The local artists find ways to create a lively scene outside the four white walls of the well-known art establishments. This is the real contemporary art scene which most tourists coming to visit Israel don’t know. These are the people I feature in films.”

Shachaf is one of Israel’s top documentary filmmakers, specializing in the local contemporary independent art and design scene, mostly created for the online viewer.

“Israeli artists are truly independent, they are ambitious, innovative and resourceful. The boundaries between all the different fields are diminishing, which I view as a positive thing,” Shachaf says.

“Artists are experimenting and collaborating from different fields, and in the past years, technology has played a big part in art and design in Israel.”

Her production, and one of the first web series in Israel, YOTSRIM (Hebrew for “Israeli Creators”) won the award for Best Documentary at the NYC WebFest 2019. It was also officially selected and screened at several international festivals, garnering Shachaf nominations for:

    • Best Nonfiction Director at LA’s 2018 International Academy of Web Television Awards
    • Best Documentary at the 2019 Seoul WebFest, and
    • Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Israeli Documentary Film Competition

“I wanted to explore a new visual way to talk about art in social media. As an artist myself, I wanted to show what was happening in the art community of Israel to the general public in Israel and abroad,” Shachaf says.

“The series is not only designed for art experts and members of the culture scene; it was created to make art accessible to everyone.”

For more about Shachaf Dekel, visit her website and connect with her on Instagram.

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