Children of Famous Israelis Reflect on Their Fathers

courtesy: Isracast

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1. Alon on his grandfather David Ben-Gurion

courtesy of Alon Ben-Gurion

“He was a grandfather! It’s not like America, we never had a legacy like the Kennedys. No secret service. Nobody treated us differently and we had a normal life. My two sisters and I went to the normal school, joined the Youth Movement. He was the prime minister but for us he was just a grandfather.” 

2. Chemi on his father Shimon Peres

courtesy of Jack Guez

“Throughout his 70 years of public service he committed and devoted to Israel, serving as the 9th president, prime minister, defense minister and a host of other roles. My father use to say, you are only as great as the cause you serve. His sole focus was to serve until his last breath the people of Israel who he so loved.”

3. Yuval on his father Yitzhak Rabin

courtesy of Menemsha Films

“I would sum him up by what he would always tell us, ‘Be happy with what you do, and be good at what you do.’ Peace is the basis in creating a normal society. My father strongly believed that when and where a place for peaceful action is possible, it should be pursued.” 

4. Sofia on her father Eli Cohen

courtesy of Simon Ashton

“There is hardly a town that does not have a street name after him, and I do believe that the state has built up his heritage as a national hero.” 

5. Gilad on his father Ariel Sharon

courtesy of Gilad Sharon

“I enjoyed the privelege and the honour to be my father’s confidant. I enjoyed his trust. Over the course of nearly 60 years, my father has been on the frontline of all major national events in Israel. There is no matter of national importance that he has not addressed, influenced or left his mark upon.” 

6. Benny on his father Menachim Begin

courtesy of Benny Begin

Whatever I know in public life I learned from my father and teacher. People are born with natural given human rights at birth and Jewish people have their own basic rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are the basics as I was taught by my father. He was not a professor at university, he was not teaching it as a theory. He applied it in his day to day life.” 

7. Navah on her father Itzhak Perlman

courtesy of Warner Classics

“When he’s onstage, believe me, you’re not center stage. One primary benefit of growing up with musicians is that before you even want a career, you’re immersed in music, so you’re getting kind of this incredible fuel to get your fire going, which is really inspiring!” 

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