IZZY to Partner With Art Source for 2 Productions

Art Source Israel

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We are excited to announce two productions with Art Source, an online home for premium English content about Israeli art and design, as well as a platform to discover and collect curated contemporary Israeli art.

The first production will be about a documentary about the creators of Art Source, Michal Freedman and Sarah Peguine.

Michal is an art advisor and art world innovator, who was raised in Israel in an American-Israeli household with roots in both Israel and New York. After completing her B.A. in Art History at Tel Aviv University, Michal became immersed in the Israeli art world, eventually becoming the director of one of Israel’s leading galleries.

Sarah was born in the south of France, grew up in Tel Aviv, spent her teenage years in Brussels, and studied history of art at the Courtauld Institute in London. In 2008, she returned to Israel and opened a blog called Oh So Arty, which eventually became an international art tour company, offering tours in 12 cities around the world, guided by local art insiders.

The second production will feature Israeli designers and visual artists, as curated by Michal and Sarah. The goal is to provide a unique point of view about the work of both, and the global phenomenon of blurring the boundaries between fine art and design.

Both productions will be available on IZZY when the platform launches in Fall 2020.

In the meantime, we caught up with Michal and Sarah to learn more about them and local Israeli art scene.

IZZY: How would you describe Art Source to someone who has never heard about it?
Art Source: Art Source is the only platform giving you exclusive access to discover and collect the best of what contemporary Israeli art has to offer, anywhere in the world. Art Source features original content in the form of an online magazine and podcast, and offers a wide variety of carefully curated artworks from leading and emerging contemporary Israeli artists on the website. Services also include art advisory and bespoke art tours of Tel Aviv’s art and design scene. 

IZZY: What is your vision for Art Source?
Art Source: We want to create a bridge between the Israeli art world and the international audience, who often don’t know how to even start navigating this somewhat inaccessible scene. Our vision is to make the experience of discovering and purchasing Israeli art seamless, by creating and giving access to high-quality content in English about Israeli artists, and in 2020 we will be expanding this vision into the realm of design!

IZZY: What is one thing most people don’t know or realize about Israel’s art scene?
Art Source: Most people tend to think that living with art is only an option for a wealthy few, but really the Israeli art scene is full of young, passionate emerging artists, who are creating incredible works of art at affordable prices. We love supporting emerging artists and advising our clients on who they should keep an eye on, as these artists are the future of our scene and the next generations of big names in the Israeli art world.

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